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Shipwreck Recording is a well-equipped professionally-run recording studio catering to bands and solo artists.

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The heart of the studio equipment is the Chandler Limited TG Microphone Cassettes – a reissue of the famed EMI TG 12345 recording console used on the Beatles, Pink Floyd, The Cure and much more.  Adelaide musicians now have an opportunity to record and mix through this unique equipment along with a flexible, creative production process.



Shipwreck Recording can record bands live or separately, and solo artists have access to our highly regarded session musicians. Tracking can be done with multiple microphones and each instrument can be overdubbed and layered as much or as little as fits the musician’s vision for the work. Processing is then done through EQs, compression and effects again to as much or as little as you like. We can produce a raw album or a highly produced album, it all depends on the musicians and the music. You can have as much or as little input in production as you wish.


If you already have recorded your work and need it mixed so it can then be mastered then Shipwreck Recording can be of service. From using the Chandler TG channel strips to a vast array of plugins from Waves, Soundtoys, Izotope, Kush Audio and much more, your music is in safe hands.


Using Izotope’s Ozone 9 and our prized Chandler TG channel strips Shipwreck Recording can master your music that is ready for streaming, vinyl, or CD duplication.