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Shipwreck Recording is a uniqueAdelaide recording studio known for its creativity and dedicated artist support.The studio is in an open and relaxing environment near Glenelg Beach and perfect for unlocking your creative potential.

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We cater for solo artists looking for music production support, to bands wanting to be captured live, to mixing music that has been recorded elsewhere, and to mastering music. Let us turn your jam room ideas or even simple vocal melodies into radio-friendly releases.

As an internationally-signed artistas well as an audio engineerI bring an artist’s touch and vision to the music studiothat many non-musician audio engineers lack.Ever got you album back from a studio that is perfect and balanced but completely lacks spark and life? – That’s the result of a professional mixing engineer who has never been a professional musician.



RME Recorder - SWR

Shipwreck Recording can record bands live or separately, and solo artists have access to our highly regarded session musicians. Tracking can be done with multiple microphones and each instrument can be overdubbed and layered as much or as little as fits the musician’s vision for the work. Processing is then done through EQs, compression and effects again to as much or as little as you like.

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Mixing Music in System

If you already have recorded your work and need it mixed so it can then be mastered then Shipwreck Recording can be of service. From using the Chandler TG channel strips, reamping through some great amps, to a vast array of plugins from Universal Audio, Waves, Soundtoys, Izotope, FabFilter and much more, your music is in safe hands.


Audio’s Mastering Tools

Using Universal Audio’s mastering tools, Izotope’s Ozone 9 and our prized Chandler TG channel strips Shipwreck Recording can master your music that is ready for streaming or CD duplication.

As a mixing engineer I’ve worked on a whole variety of genres from indie, pop and rock. Artists I’ve work with have been members of some renowned bands, including White Snake, Ice House, Bob Dylan, Guns N’ Roses, Cold Chisel, Rory Gallagher & Thin Lizzy.


Latest music production styles are embraced and actively followed. From Lorde to Grimes, DMA’s to Pond, and everything in between.


Our equipment is world-class. The heart of our Adelaide music studio is the Chandler Limited console strips. This is sound of The Beatles’ “Abbey Road” and Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”. It is a mixing engineer’s delight to work with this sound designed for Abbey Road Studios. Our hybridstudio combines the richness and warmth of analogue gear with the flexibility of cutting-edge digital technology.


Able to record bands completely live is a becoming a lost art in Adelaide recording studios, but at Shipwreck Recording our live room set-up combined with custom stereo headphone mixes can allow musiciansto capture that ‘bolt-of-lightening-in-a-jar’ – the magical take bands are desperate to record.Using Universal Audio’s world-leading headphone monitoring system, along with our Tascam multi-output headphoneamp, musicians can get the perfect headphone mix they individually need to lock into their bandmates’ performance and create recorded magic! It simply is not possible to capture a band live without state-of-the-art headphone mixes – the most important audio mixing there is!


Some musicians prefer to record their performances at home or elsewhere and have a professional mix it for them for record release. Audio files can be sent from anywhere in world for mixing or mastering, and Adelaide clients have the option to sit in on mixing sessions to give immediate feedback. The process of adjusting mixes until the client is satisfied is a very important part of our service. You may feel the bass is too loud, or too soft. Maybe too much high end on the cymbals, maybe not enough sheen. Maybe the drums need to pop a little more, maybe the voice is getting drowned by the new acoustic guitar we put in – all these problems can be adjusted with feedback via email, phone call, text message, or if you are in Adelaide you can come into our mixing studio for a solid mixing session.


Mastering is a precise art and also a very expensive service when using a dedicated mastering studio. At Shipwreck Recording we deal primarily with recording and mixing music, and are not a dedicated mastering studio ¬– which are differently designed studios. Many studios online offer so-called world-class mastering services but are far from having the particular technical requirements. We acknowledge we are not a dedicated mastering studio yet can do a very good master where the artist’s budget is tight. You may want to prioritise your recording budget to recording and mixing the album, or for a later tour of the album, so we can then master it affordably for release to online platforms such as Spotify and Bandcamp or CD release.


At Shipwreck Recording there are years of experience from the stage to the music studio that recording artists can benefit from. We have a wide network of session musicians – drummers, guitarists, vocalist and backup vocalist, keyboardists, bass players and more. Some of who have played with major outfits and have currentrecord and licencing deals.


The best part people say about recording at Shipwreck Recording – it is such a relaxed studio. On the deck or looking out of the studio windows at the bamboo and native trees, the creative unwinding knows no end!


We would love to help you capture, enrich, and then release your sounds to the world.